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The latest app to get a Windows 11 redesign? The humble Notepad


Windows eleven is out, however, the method of change the operating system’s intrinsical apps continues. Over the weekend, screenshots leaked for the associate as-yet-unannounced design of the paid app, that presently appearance and works additional or less because it has since Windows XP came out 20 years agone (though under-the-hood updates have other new capabilities, like support for the line-ending vogue employed in UNIX operating system and macOS text files).

The screenshots were denoted and deleted by a “Microsoft engineer” however were preserved by FireCubeStudios on Twitter, and that they counsel that Microsoft is not reinventing pad within the type of additional advanced apps like Notepad++ or Emacs. The screenshots show fewer menu choices and a bigger, additional touch-friendly quantity of cushioning between them, furthermore as theme choices and therefore the ability to line a special default font. conjointly listed may be a “Classic” mode for gap files, although specifically however that differs from the default expertise remains to be seen.

The unfinished state of Windows 11’s intrinsical apps was one grievance from our full review, and it’s one thing that keeps the software system from feeling modernized and unified. The Paint app has been updated however while not the secure dark mode support. Updates for applications like Your phone, Microsoft Whiteboard, some style of media player, and (presently) Scratchpad are spilled or declared nonetheless not delivered. And alternative intrinsical apps like Wordpad still appear as if they did in Windows seven.

This is a minor grievance and much less unquiet than Windows 11’s new system needs or a number of the regressions of the new Taskbar. however it’s smart that Microsoft is constant to figure to urge things trying and feeling additional consistent throughout the OS. once on the market, the app updates are going to be downloadable from the Microsoft Store instead of Windows Update.



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