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How to see WhatsApp statuses without them noticing


The states of WhatsApp , stories of Instagram and Facebook, Snapchat publications and show us how social networks are increasingly looking to be more personal and close to us. Who does not like to upload their statuses and look at the statuses of what their friends are doing at the moment?

However, sometimes we want to go unnoticed when we review the states of others. Although in the past WhatsApp allowed you to see the statuses of your contacts without notifying them, currently it has modified its parameters to avoid anonymity.

But, as every rule has its exception and many things can be turned around, in OneHOWTO we tell you how to see WhatsApp status without them noticing . You will be able to stalk whoever you want without them noticing!

Turn off read notifications for 24 hours

This trick may be familiar to you by now, as it is not new. Its application in the past was very simple, you only had to deactivate the read confirmations, that is, deactivate the double blue check.

However, it no longer works that way, because when you reactivate the notifications, the ones that were pending are sent and give you away. The good news is that every rule has its exception and there is already a way to reverse it. Take note to know how to see WhatsApp statuses without them knowing:

On Android

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Select the status tab (it’s in the middle of chats and calls).
  3. Enter WhatsApp settings. It’s the icon in the upper right corner of the screen (the three vertical dots).
  4. Select Settings. When the list of options is displayed, you will locate it second.
  5. Choose the Account option. You will find it first in the list on the new screen.
  6. Once inside, choose the “Privacy” option. You will also find it first on the list.
  7. Uncheck the Read receipts option.

Go back to the states. Now you can see the statuses of your friends without them noticing. Remember while it is like this, you will not be able to know who or who have seen your status, you will not know if they have seen your messages or status.

Wait 24 hours before activating the confirmation again. After this period of time, the statuses are automatically cleared, so they no longer exist and the read notification will never be activated. No one will know you went through there!

On iOS

  1. Enter WhatsApp
  2. Head to the Settings section in the lower right corner of the screen.
  3. Select the Account option, it is the third. Once inside, enter Privacy.
  4. Uncheck the Read Receipts box , it’s just below the Blocked option.
  5. Wait 24 hours to reactivate it.

Use a file browser (Android only)

If you want to stay incognito while browsing the states of others without missing all the news for 24 hours, this option may interest you. In this method, you just have to enter the file manager of your phone.

An extra advantage that this trick offers you is the possibility of saving photos and videos of your friends’ statuses. Does it have disadvantages? Yes, like everything. This trick can only be applied on Android at the moment, and its use is limited, since it only allows you to see states that are photos and videos, not texts. In addition, the files will be displayed without any order or identification, therefore, you will have to deduce who each one belongs to.

That said, we explain what to do when you want to see WhatsApp statuses without being seen and how to use the file manager on your mobile phone.

  1. Open the File Manager (also called a file explorer or manager).
  2. Locate the folder Internal storage or Internal memory, open it.
  3. Find the WhatsApp folder and enter.
  4. Open the folder that says Media. There are all the WhatsApp files: videos, images and more.
  5. Once there, locate the icon with the three dots on your phone screen (it can be up or down, usually on the far right). Press the icon.
  6. When the list is displayed, select Display Setting.
  7. Check the Show hidden files option, located at the bottom of the list.
  8. Go back to the Media folder.
  9. Notice that a new folder named. Statuses has appeared. The folder is slightly paler than the others to highlight its hidden status. Generally, it appears first at the top of all of them.
  10. In the folder you will find all the photos and videos of the profiles of your contacts. Remember that these files will only stay there 24 hours (they are new WhatsApp policies), so if you are interested in a file, you should save it elsewhere.

Use the file explorer through an app

If you want to use the above trick, but you have an old phone or a new one that does not have a file manager, then you need to download an app, such as ES FILE Explorer for Android.

The advantages and disadvantages of this trick are the same as in the previous case, since it works in the same way with the exception of small differences in the interface. If you want to see WhatsApp statuses without them knowing, follow the steps below:

  1. Download and install the file explorer. In this case we will use ES File Explorer (although there are many more options), you can find it in the Google Play store.
  2. Enter the folder called Internal Memory or Internal Storage.
  3. Find the folder called WhatsApp and enter. The list is arranged in alphabetical order, so you will find it quickly.
  4. Open the folder that says Media. There are all the WhatsApp files.
  5. Press the settings icon of the app. The symbol is in the upper right corner (the three dots).
  6. A window with a list of options will be displayed, check the Show Hidden Files box. In ES File Explorer it ranks fifth on the list.
  7. A folder called .Statuses will appear. Enter and you will find photos and videos of the statuses of your friends, which will remain there for 24 hours. You can view and save these files without anyone knowing.




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