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Does VPN Slows Down Internet Speed?


Using a VPN to attach to the net creates a secure affiliation between your laptop or mobile device and also the sites you visit, permitting you to browse the net safely. And anytime you go surfing, speed is very important. no one desires to take care of loading pages, long downloads, buffering streams, or insulant video games.

As a result, there’s a very important question to raise anytime you concentrate on employing a VPN: will some time down my net speed?

The answer to the present question is nuanced and might be influenced by some factors. Let’s absolutely explore what a VPN will and can’t knock off about your net speed. We’ll conjointly offer some tips on the way to maximize your net affiliation and supply our recommendations for the quickest VPN suppliers.

How Much will A VPN curtail net Speed?

The average net can expertise 10-20% slower speeds whereas employing a VPN. thus if you always get one hundred Mbps, you’ll be able to expect to urge 80-90 Mbps with a VPN enabled. for many use cases, that distinction won’t be noticeable.

Users Of little VPN suppliers might Have Slower Speeds

The size and scope of VPN suppliers vary greatly. the foremost prosperous services have a whole bunch — if not thousands — of servers to accommodate innumerable users. They even have groups of industry-leading code engineers and programmers dedicated to maintaining and optimizing the servers. Users of those VPN services expertise next to no drop by net speed.

In Some Cases, A VPN will create Your net quicker

ISPs frequently curtail the net speeds of their customers to keep up the load on their servers. If your net supplier caps, place a limit on, or throttles your information measure, a VPN will free you from those restrictions.

Your net supplier will not see what you’re doing, which means you’ll get consistent speeds with no drops — despite what proportion information measure you’re victimization.

Factors that will affect Your VPN’s Speed

  • The VPN server you’re connected to. the placement and users of the VPN server you select will affect your speed dramatically. Associate in Nursing overcrowded servers won’t have enough information measure to travel around, and many away servers cause your knowledge to travel long distances. shut servers with much spare information measures are the quickest.
  • ISP. albeit a VPN hides your activity from your net supplier and prevents them from retardation down your net, it won’t create your affiliation quicker than meant. If you wish to urge one hundred Mbps with a VPN, confirm you have got a concept together with your ISP for a minimum of that a lot of.
  • Your VPN protocol. VPNs supply many cryptography protocols to settle on to safeguard your knowledge. Older protocols or ones targeted only on security are slower. we tend to advocate victimization of OpenVPN. It’s the foremost recent cryptography protocol, offers an honest balance of speed and security, and is compatible with each platform.

  • Net started. once offered, a cabled local area network affiliation is way quicker than LAN. once victimization LAN, think about the quality/age of your router and your device’s distance from it.
  • The device you’re victimization. Some devices are inherently quicker or slower than others. for instance, a smartphone on LAN can ne’er be as quick as a computer with an Associate in Nursing i7 processor and a cabled net affiliation. especially, older devices are also slower once employing a VPN.
  • Your native net infrastructure. Rural areas usually have less net access and slower affiliation speeds. If you suffer from slow speeds because of the net offered wherever you reside, a VPN is unlikely to enhance your affiliation.
  • VPN service. The VPN supplier you take is that the largest deciding issue of the net speed you’ll receive. Few suppliers might not have the resources to supply consistent speeds to any or all their users. Free VPNs are nearly always slower (and less secure) than their paid counterparts. solely the simplest VPNs will afford to keep up enough high-speed servers to catch up on all their customers.


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