During the holidays we take a lot of photos and videos. But how do you store them all when you don’t have a lot of space on your phone?

Google Drive being a rather controversial option, we offer you here 2 alternatives to store your vacation photos and videos safely. But why store your multimedia files? Storing your files allows you to free up space on your phone. Another advantage is that you can easily share your photos with family members or with your friends.

1. DropBox

What’s This?

Dropbox is a secure storage space for files. Photos from your phone, videos from your computer, your voices in the cloud… All your multimedia files are grouped together in one place. You can easily view and share all your photos with your friends or family, from any computer, browser or mobile device.

Also, you can send any file to whoever you want, even if that person doesn’t have a Dropbox account. Dropbox emphasizes security. They say they preserve the confidentiality of the files present, with many protection services (included in the subscriptions). A special Family package is available.

How it Works?

To upload your files, just drag them directly into your folder or click on “Import”.

The Price

For a single user and 2 GB of storage, Dropbox is completely free, and you can connect up to three devices to it. For 2 TB, and a connection with as many devices as you want, the monthly subscription goes to € 11.99. The special Family package is € 19.99 per month. The account can be shared with up to 6 people, connected with as many devices as you want, and a family file sharing folder with 2TB. You can try Dropbox for free for 30 days.

2. KDrive

With Kdrive, the storage space in the Swiss Cloudloud 100% secure, you will be able to put all your photos, vacation videos there. You can share your multimedia files with your friends and / or your family up to 106 TB of data (that makes vacation photos…) Your files are protected in a sovereign Cloud exclusively developed and hosted in Switzerland. Your data and statistics are neither analyzed nor sold.

How It Works?

To upload your files, click on “New” then select the photos and videos you want to put on the Kdrive.

The Price

For a single user and 3 GB of storage, Kdrive is completely free. With 2 TB, the subscriber goes to € 5.54 per month. For 6 users from 3 TB to 18 TB, the subscription increases to € 11.11 per month. You can try Kdrive free for 30 days.

Some Tips

For the transfer of your files, prefer a connection with the Wifi of your house
Be careful with whom you share your photos and videos, do it only with people you trust.

And To Send Your Photos Directly To Your Friends

If you only want to send photos to your friends or family, and the file is too large, you can go through We Transfert or Smash . This method is completely free and very practical for transferring multimedia files by email.



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